Yes, you could have long beautiful hair, too.

A few years back, Biolink created their VCO (virgin coconut oil) line of shampoo and conditioner. Along with it are some of the wittiest and most memorable ads from those years.

One of the earlier ads from that campaign was a exorcism parody that used the Filipino albularyo (local shaman-slash-herbalist-slash-animist-priest/ess) as the subject.

The ad was a wonderful play on Filipino folk belief which is still prevalent in some parts of the country. The only thing that kind of turned me off in the ad when I watched it again was how the model was a typical Filipina mestiza (i.e., someone who looked like a child of mixed-race parents with strong Caucasian features).

But Biolink redeemed themselves with later ads with dared to subvert the typical appearance of shampoo models:

In both ads, none of the models looked like the glamorous women usually found in shampoo commercials. One is even a man, and an ordinary-looking man at that. The message of these ads are worth applauding: the product is meant for ordinary women and men who would like to achieve long beautiful hair. Probably no other product before or since then has attempted to include men with long hair in their campaign.

Unfortunately, as popular and groundbreaking as these ads were, they did not translate to sales. So we’re back to seeing yet another shampoo ad featuring a beautiful mestiza actress endorsing shampoo that promise unrealistically beautiful hair.