WTF is this Globe Toolbar doing in my browser?

Dear Globe:

I am, unfortunately, one of your mobile internet subscribers. If it wasn’t costly for us to get a different broadband option in the Chairless Apartment, believe me, I would’ve happily abandoned Globe Tattoo.

You see, as of late, your service has become a tad… inconsistent. Slow download speeds eventually ending in a halt and difficulties reconnecting have become so frequent, it has affected us drastically.

I am not your average Facebook user who spams people with inane photos of themselves pouting at the camera or cryptic messages about someone who mildly irrates me. Yes, I do that, too, and there’s nothing wrong with those, by themselves. But the internet is just not a means for me to pimp myself to the world.

I use it to speak to contacts, arrange transactions, collaborate with people, and research on important matters such as where could one get 25 or so bazaar tents cheaply. My internet connection is VITAL to me and every minute I wait for my modem to pick up a better signal is a minute wasted.

I remember you crying foul when your competitor gloated in an ad how crappy your service is. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Ask any of your subscribers and they’d be happy to tell you how shitty Globe’s mobile internet service is.

Recently, I encounter a floating ad that appears when I visit certain websites. It covers the entire page and introduces me to a “Tattoo Toolbar”. Oh that’s nice: shitty service and auto-installing a software that I did not authorize. I immediately clicked the Unsubscribe link.

Google Toolbar unsubscribe
Blatant lies!

“You were successfully unsubscribed from the Tattoo Toolbar service. However, once your browser cache has cleared, the Tattoo Toolbar will reappear. We are working to give you the option to also unsubscribe permanently, but in the meantime, simply repeat this process to unsubscribe from the service.”


One, Globe should ask MY permission before it installs additional software in my browser that is NOT necessary for me to connect to the internet.

Two, an unsubscription SHOULD be permanent. Otherwise, one did not really unsubscribe at all.

Three, you do not launch a software if you don’t have an effective means of uninstalling it YET. This stunt is stupid, annoying, and irresponsible.

That’s it, I’m applying a line with your competitor. Don’t worry, Globe, I will still keep my Globe number because it’s what most of my contacts know and I don’t like changing numbers unless I lose my SIM. But you made a great job of making me lose all love I have for your company.

Fire and vitriol,