Why we (and probably lots of other people) were peeved by the Pride March after-party.

After the initial post-march program, people were asked to leave the stage area and pay for entrance so they could come back in. My group of friends were already inside one of the bars when people in the outdoor tables were shooed out so were not aware of that happening.

I would like to congratulate whoever thought of thst procedure for driving away a lot of march participants away from Malate. It’s the perfect way to throw cold water on a crowd that was likely still high and giddy from the Pride March. They will definitely know how the after-party organizers felt about the march participants.

A more troubling aspect of it was how there was hardly any mention that the party area will be charging for entrance in most of the Pride March advertisements. Was that an honest lapse among the organizers? People probably would not have minded paying for an entrance fee if it was mentioned earlier. At the very least, it would not have come as a nasty surprise for those who stayed for the after-party.

2011 Manila Pride March

Image source: Karapatan ng LGBT, ipinagdiwang sa Pride March

2 thoughts on “Why we (and probably lots of other people) were peeved by the Pride March after-party.

  1. Apathy is not limited to the LGBT community. Most people will not care to change anything unless their interests are directly affected. And even then, most people will just shrug it off and work around the system. That may not be a progressive attitude, but it’s no less valid. That’s why activists always have my respect, even those whose ideals are contrary to what I believe in, because they are will to fight for the welfare of people who couldn’t care less.

  2. Let me tell you what I think, hunny. I think the LGBT crowd has stopped caring. I think they’ve all gone superficial because that’s so much easier than to stand up, really stand up for something that goes against the flow. I think their priorities/advocacies are misplaced – partying, fucking around, getting the biggest dick up their asses, having the most number of boys/girls in one week. They think those things that directly concern them like equality, non-discrimination, bullying, to name a few, are just plain boring; it’s so much easier to engage in wanton hedonism. I think this is sad, that I stand up and fight for people who have given up on themselves and for things that should matter to them.

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