Where there’s smoke…

White smoke started coming out from my office desktop’s CPU. I quickly scrambled to unplug the cord and shut down the UPS.

Ash gray dust were left on the front grills of the CPU; I suspect it was accumulated dust from inside that were blown by the fan. None of the paper I stuck next to the CPU seemed to have burnt and there was no smell of burnt electronic stuff.

Still, I decided to set up in another station until the office IT people take a look my desktop.

The office’s IT guy came, took a look at the CPU and casually said, “It’s just dust. It’s alright.”

“Shouldn’t I be worried about that?” I replied, not about to let go of the panic that sprung on me.

IT guy just laughed and walked away. I feel like moving one of the fire extinguishers next to me, just in case.

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