will show us how to make a book in 5 days without using your computer.

Philip Paraaan of Kanto told me of the One Weekend Book series: a workshop on how to create a book in five days without using computers.

OWB was started by and they will be holding their next workshop at The Collective from April 19 to 21. Instead of the usual five-day workshop, they will be condensing it to three days.

The workshop is for free and has 20 slots available. Philip told me that participants are asked to commit to the entire three-day workshop.

I really really want to participate in this workshop. Except that until now, I don’t know what my book will be about. I only have a few more days to think about it.

Meanwhile, read more about the One Weekend Book series:

From Germany and Barcelona, will be in Manila to do One Weekend Book #11 and give a 5-day workshop on how to make “books like churros”


The Barcelona-based, half-German design studio called TwoPoints.Net is actually a married couple. Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz are coming to Manila to impart a workshop that is based upon their editorial project The One Weekend Book Series, ongoing since 2003. They will also make their own book, the 11th of the OWB Series, on the city of Manila. It will be distributed internationally.


In each issue of The One Weekend Book Series, M. Lorenz and a Guest Artist are given 48 hours to experience a city, document it and create a visual diary without the use of computers. What this results to is the documentation of a 48 hour search for visual entertainment and the definition of the city visited. On their website, they describe this project as “graphic tourism”.

On one hand The One Weekend Book Series reports of places and situations unmentioned in city-guides, on the other hand it gives an exhibitionistic view of the personal state of the reporters. In trying to figure out a city, in this case, they are mostly concerned with creating a book.”


The project was initiated in 2003. To date, there are 10 published books. They are sold at Printed Matter (New York), Colette (Paris), ProQm (Berlin), Motto (Berlin) DoYouReadMe?! (Berlin), A+M (Milan), Ras (Barcelona),

Mutt (Barcelona) and Retina&Retinette (Barcelona). The books have been created in cities like Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Milan, New York, The Hague and Paris with artists like Boris Hoppek, NeasdenControlCentre and Antoine+Manuel.

The project attracted international attention through its exhibitions in the Netherlands, Italy and Spain, articles in numerous international design and art magazines and last, but not least through the worldwide distributed compilation of the first five issues by Actar/Birkhäuser.


In each of the graphic tourism books, they worked with an established illustrator native to the city he was visiting. In the case of Manila, the 11th Volume of the OWB Series, TwoPoints will work with a local signpainter to try to consolidate the Manila experience in a fast-paced book. It is the first time they are working with a tradesman. The signpainter in charge of painting the OCD’s windows, Jumbo. We’re excited that he’s officially going to be an internationally published illustrator.


During five days the participants of the workshop will draw, cut, glue and paint the experiences they made in Manila and compile them in a visual essay of 48 pages. The workshop is open to 20 people, either students or design professionals. For free. To reserve a spot in the workshop, please contact

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