The security blanket is now part of the Toy Hall Of Fame.

Linus’ iconic blanket is now part of the National Toy Hall Of Fame:

Curators said the blanket was a special addition in the spirit of two earlier inductees, the cardboard box and the stick. They praised its ability to serve either as recreational raw material or an accessory transformed in myriad ways by a child’s daydreams.

“Every now and again we like to shake things up, remind folks there’s play experiences that happen purely creatively … rather than coming with rules, a path, a backstory you feel constrained into,” said Christopher Bensch, the Rochester museum’s chief curator.

“Blankets have been keeping people warm for centuries, but they’ve also been heating up kids’ imaginations,” serving as magic carpets and superhero capes, a peek-a-boo veil, a chair-draped fortress or “an island of safety surrounded by sea monsters.”

Also included among the new inductees are the dollhouse and Hot Wheels.

While I think the dollhouse deserves its place in the Hall of Fame, I’d prefer to see Rubik’s Cube (which was shortlisted this year) inducted instead of Hot Wheels.

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The blanket, Hot Wheels and dollhouse join 46 other classics in Toy Hall of Fame