The magic siopao dream.

Kawaii siopao, by Oooway

This was a dream I had yesterday afternoon. While walking along a street, I sent a tweet through my phone: I want siopao.

It was around dusk. The street had four lanes without an island, lined with what appeared to be pet shops. Ahead of me was an intersection to what looked like a rotonda. If it weren’t for the lack of island, the place reminded me of Boni Avenue intersecting with Maysilo Street (I could see a structure similar to Mandaluyong’s “Dambana ng mga Ala-ala” in front of me), but with the pet shops of Cartimar thrown in.

There weren’t that many people out walking, there were very few vehicles about. As soon as I sent the tweet, I looked ahead and there by the intersection passed a large car. When it passed, it left a large siopao in the middle of the street.

I ran towards the siopao, looked around if anyone else would pick it up, took it, then walked back to the sidewalk. The siopao was pretty big, with a shiny beige bun, unlike the typical white. It reminded me of the siopao sold in Mr. Poon’s along Quezon Avenue.

I didn’t get to know what the siopao tasted like. I woke up by then and thought, “wow, magic siopao!”

[Image: “Siopao (steam buns)” by Oooway on Flickr.]