The first Malate Food Festival.

It’s been a while since I uploaded photos.

Since I finally have a camera that takes decent photos, here are some photos from last night’s Malate Food Festival.

Many thanks to Jerick of Secret Society for the wonderful Ilonggo dinner; the KBL (kadyos, baboy, langka) and batchoy were particularly good. Too bad I didn’t remember to take photos of it until after our dinner.

The barbecue served outside Dado’s was also great, as well as the buffalo wings Leo shared with us.

Many thanks, too, to the wonderful queens from Midz for gamely posing with me. We were comparing curls.

It’s great that the Malate Business Association started creating events like these to help revitalize the Nakpil-Orosa District.

At a time when the Manila city government toys with the idea of reclaiming sections of the bay to supposedly bring prosperity to the city, what is overlooked is the fact that Manila already has existing areas that can be developed and revitalized. Malate may have faded in glory a little, but it’s good that the businesses there started working on bringing that old glory back.

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