Teen creates an app that promises a better way to search the web.

Man, I wish I was this smart when I was younger.

Actually, I wish I was this smart now.

A 16 year-old created an iOS app that seems to be a viable alternative to Google. Instead of relying on often useless keywords, it uses an algorithm that seems to mimic how humans would summarize text in order to come up with results that display the more important and relevant bits of information the user needs.

I liken the concept of Summly to CliffsNotes, but for the web. And, indeed, D’Aloisio sees his tool becoming highly useful for kids working on homework, as well as for general web searching.

“I think, fundamentally, there is a real need for this on a mobile device, when you’re short for time,” D’Aloisio says.

When you search for a topic using the app, it compiles results from different search engines, so you’ll notice it doesn’t deliver the same results as a Google search, or even a Bing search. You’ll also notice that typical results like Wikipedia articles and dictionary definitions don’t show up in the listing; the search function generally appears to be limited to actual news articles relating to the subject you type in. However, you can also type in a URL if you have a specific text-heavy web page you’d like summarized.

What with websites employing SEO to ensure higher search engine rankings, using Google now could become a chore of filtering out irrelevant results.

Let’s just hope that the app works better than Siri’s embarassing abortion fiasco. And here’s crossing fingers that this app will be available in other platforms soon.

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