#TarotMonkey Weekly Reading: Temperance, the Devil, the Lovers.

Weekly Tarot Reading - 20151020

This week’s tarot spread shows Temperance, the Devil, and the Lovers. We will read this spread with the outer cards (Temperance, the Lovers) as possibilities which can come after the central card (the Devil).

The Center: The Devil

The Devil is about giving in to one’s id, to unrestrained passions and instinct. Though not negative in themselves, nor necessarily harmful, these impulses can place us in situations where we have to less control and agency.

On some days the temptation to burst out in anger or give in to impulsive action is very strong and we might give up our attempts to rein in our stronger emotions.

The next two cards will be two ways how we can approach when confronted by the Devil.

First Option: Temperance

Balance is the message of Temperance. And to maintain balance, one must have control. When one is confronted with excesses of the emotions, the conscious mind could step in and attempt to rationalize these feelings.

Temperance can stop us from doing actions that we might regret later. However, it also means repressing an aspect of our person which attempts to express itself.

Second Option: The Lovers

It can happen that when one exercises control, one might end up disregarding the reason for the strong emotions. The Lovers encourage us to allow ourselves to feel these strong emotions.

Why are we reacting strongly? What is triggering these emotions? What will these emotions tell us?

The Lovers remind us that it is also important for us to experience our hidden passions and impulses and acknowledge the side of us that may be uninhibited and amoral. Sometimes, we do need to give a little sympathy to the Devil.

Images are from the Tarot of the Imagination (art by Ferenc Pinter, published by Lo Scarabeo).