#TarotMonkey Weekly Reading: Justice, the Wheel, Strength.

This week’s tarot spread shows Justice, the Wheel, and Strength. We will read this spread from left to right.

Weekly Tarot Reading - 20151026


Justice implies structure: a set of laws to be followed, rules that guide our actions. With these guides, we will know our course of action. Our lives become balanced, stable, and reassuringly predictable.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel brings chaos to this predictability. Try as we might, there will always be changes. The rules that we set up before might no longer work for us with these changes.

With the spin of the wheel, the balance we strive for is lost and we might have trouble with our footing.


In the face of uncertainty, our weapon is fortitude. This courage allows us to face changes bravely and adapt. We can take educated risks to find order again amidst the chaos. Strength allows us to tame even our fears and use them to master uncertainty.


This week’s spread teaches us to learn how to adapt to changes. Instead of unbending rules, let values and aspirations be our guide to our actions.

Images are from the Tarot of the Imagination (art by Ferenc Pinter, published by Lo Scarabeo).