A tarot spread to close 2015.

Weekly Tarot Reading - 20151231.jpg

It seems very appropriate that the last spread I will be doing in 2015 starts with Death.


Death is a signal for transformations. The old self, the old model, the old year is dead. It has ended and it’s time to replace it with something new.

Death is both a time of mourning and celebration: We mourn as we remember the memories of times gone past. We celebrate the coming year and the new experience they will bring to us.

Knight of Wands

Among the court cards, the Knights are symbols of action and activity. They are not merely messengers, they are agents of change.

The Knight of Wands represent the act of the spirit, of creativity: The Knight gallops forward to meet its challenges without hesitation.

We may fear changes. We may fear the unknown. But the Knight of Wands urges us to go beyond that fear, take a new step, and welcome the changes that came after the Death of the old year.

Two of Cups

Two of Cups, according to the Book of Thoth, represents Love. It is the meeting of two souls into understanding. It is the sharing of affections.

As the last card in this spread, Two of Cups is the attitude we should bring as we move forward with the Knight of Wands: An attitude of openess and welcome.

We may not know what the year will be like, but we can welcome it with kindness and warmth. More importantly, we should be kinder and warmer to ourselves this New Year.

In a time when things are changing, when rules are changing, and when we are starting over, we should allow more love and forgiveness for ourselves.

#TarotMonkey Special Post-Halloween Tarot Reading.


Halloween is over but it is still the Feast of All Souls. For this special occasion, I am presenting a pair of two-card spreads.

The first spread has Two of Wands and Six of Swords.

Halloween Reading - 2 of Wands, 6 of Swords

Two of Wands

This card indicate hopes and aspirations. We may be longing for things that are not yet within our reach. Or they may be things that are currently not possible for us.

Six of Swords

This is a card of journeys and transitions. The world is changing and we will not have a place to stay if we choose to stay where we are.


We may still be craving for old hopes and dreams which are already well past their time. It is time to find ourselves new goals and new destinations. There may be fear in taking that first step, but choosing inaction is no longer beneficial to us.


Halloween Reading - 9 of Swords, 6 of Coins

The second spread has Nine of Swords and Six of Coins.

Nine of Swords

This is a card showing our fears taunting us. And yet these fears might not be as potent as they seem.

Six of Coins

This represents nostalgia which may be an unhealthy attachment to our past. Letting go and moving on are needed to bring our lives forward.


Fear and anxiety are often made worse by our minds. Confronting our fears may show us how we allow ourselves to be under the control of something that has no real power. Our fears might be fueled by memory, which in turn drives our guilt. We must learn to make peace with our ghosts: the memories that are holding us back.

The images are from the Gothic Tarot of Vampires created by Riccardo Minetti and Emiliano Mammucari; and published by Lo Scarabeo.

#TarotMonkey Special Halloween Tarot Reading.


For Halloween, I am presenting a pair of two-card spreads. The first spread displays Eight of Swords and Five of Coins.

Halloween Reading - 8 of Swords, 5 of Coins

Eight of Swords

Despite our efforts and even if we struggle, we are sometimes caught in a bind. There is no immediate way forward on our own.

Five of Coins

Help from the outside will present itself. Another person who might have an interest in our situation will present a solution.


Try as we might, we cannot always surmount challenges on our own. When we might need it the most, an offer for help might appear in front of us. But what are the intentions of these people offering help? How are we expected to return the favor?


The second of today’s spreads are Four of Cups and Three of Coins.

Halloween Reading - 4 of Cups, 3 of Coins

Four of Cups

Options and opportunities are given to us. However, none of these pique our interest.

Three of Coins

A thirst for approval from someone we admire, of recognition of our worth.


We might be receiving attention and praise from other people for what we do or accomplish. But this attention might not affect us because the opinion which matters to us will come from someone else. Our measure of how well we perform will come from a particular observer; what everyone else are saying do not matter.

Images are from the Gothic Tarot of Vampires created by Riccardo Minetti and Emiliano Mammucari; and published by Lo Scarabeo.

#TarotMonkey Weekly Reading: Justice, the Wheel, Strength.

This week’s tarot spread shows Justice, the Wheel, and Strength. We will read this spread from left to right.

Weekly Tarot Reading - 20151026


Justice implies structure: a set of laws to be followed, rules that guide our actions. With these guides, we will know our course of action. Our lives become balanced, stable, and reassuringly predictable.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel brings chaos to this predictability. Try as we might, there will always be changes. The rules that we set up before might no longer work for us with these changes.

With the spin of the wheel, the balance we strive for is lost and we might have trouble with our footing.


In the face of uncertainty, our weapon is fortitude. This courage allows us to face changes bravely and adapt. We can take educated risks to find order again amidst the chaos. Strength allows us to tame even our fears and use them to master uncertainty.


This week’s spread teaches us to learn how to adapt to changes. Instead of unbending rules, let values and aspirations be our guide to our actions.

Images are from the Tarot of the Imagination (art by Ferenc Pinter, published by Lo Scarabeo).

#TarotMonkey Weekly Reading: Temperance, the Devil, the Lovers.

Weekly Tarot Reading - 20151020

This week’s tarot spread shows Temperance, the Devil, and the Lovers. We will read this spread with the outer cards (Temperance, the Lovers) as possibilities which can come after the central card (the Devil).

The Center: The Devil

The Devil is about giving in to one’s id, to unrestrained passions and instinct. Though not negative in themselves, nor necessarily harmful, these impulses can place us in situations where we have to less control and agency.

On some days the temptation to burst out in anger or give in to impulsive action is very strong and we might give up our attempts to rein in our stronger emotions.

The next two cards will be two ways how we can approach when confronted by the Devil.

First Option: Temperance

Balance is the message of Temperance. And to maintain balance, one must have control. When one is confronted with excesses of the emotions, the conscious mind could step in and attempt to rationalize these feelings.

Temperance can stop us from doing actions that we might regret later. However, it also means repressing an aspect of our person which attempts to express itself.

Second Option: The Lovers

It can happen that when one exercises control, one might end up disregarding the reason for the strong emotions. The Lovers encourage us to allow ourselves to feel these strong emotions.

Why are we reacting strongly? What is triggering these emotions? What will these emotions tell us?

The Lovers remind us that it is also important for us to experience our hidden passions and impulses and acknowledge the side of us that may be uninhibited and amoral. Sometimes, we do need to give a little sympathy to the Devil.

Images are from the Tarot of the Imagination (art by Ferenc Pinter, published by Lo Scarabeo).