Postscript to the creepy-crawly noodle incident.

I don’t usually read tweets during the weekend (and Bern reads his Twitter stream even less often than I do), but it turned out the Twitter account of 101 Hawker Food House replied to our tweets about the creepy crawlies incident when we went there.

Here was Hawker’s replies:

101hawkerfood: apologies for the incident, but we do not know how they got into food that came straight out of the wok.

101hawkerfood: we temporarily stopped operation to check the possible cause but unfortunately, there is nothing that could…

101hawkerfood: have led to that incident. please be assured that we serve good quality, clean, and safe food.

I’m glad that they took that incident seriously and seemed to made some investigation on its cause.

I’m not sure, however, what they meant by “unfortunately, there is nothing that could have led to that incident”; did that mean they never found out where those maggots came from and how they ended up in the food?

If that was it, I don’t find that reassuring at all.