#30DayWritingChallenge: Something that made me angry.

Day Twenty-Nine: Something that made me angry.

For a few years, I helped organize the Metro Manila Pride March. It’s called Metro Manila Pride now because it expanded beyond the marching. It was, at the same time, the best, the worst, and the craziest thing I ever did.

What a lot of people, even those who attend the parade, don’t realize is that the organizers often don’t have a lot of money for the whole thing. Not counting the program that is set after the parade (where participating organizations expect to give a speech on whatever that org stands for), the permits, the publicity, the registration materials, and all those stuff people don’t notice but are needed to bring about the entire thing cost money.

Every year is a miracle.

Needless to say, organizing the entire parade is stressful work. And that’s not unsurprising at all. But there are some things that needlessly add to the stress. Sometimes, you just wish you can punch some people in the face.

Pride March 2012 by Bardo Wu

Read the rest: It was the first time we’re doing the parade in Makati.

#IamJenniferLaude: Solidarity message for #LGBTOutragePH.

As representative from PinoyG4M.com, I was asked if I can give a two-minute solidarity message for the LGBT National Day of Outrage for the killing of Jennifer Laude. Like most things I do, I wrote this at the last minute while commuting from Makati to Diliman.

While I knew there will be media coverage for the event, I did not expect that I will be giving this statement in front of TV cameras.

LGBT National Day of Outrage

A comment from someone in social media: “Sometimes people of this kind are really not worth the sympathy sometimes.”

We are here to mourn the passing of Jennifer Laude and to express sympathy for her family and loved ones. We are also here to show our outrage, our indignation, our anger for the crime that took away her life.

This crime has touched a lot of issues in Filipino society: The double standard we seem to apply on crimes committed by non-Filipinos. The not-unfounded concern that Jennifer will be denied justice. The shock at the brutal and dehumanizing manner of her death. The disappointment on how some in the media presented Jennifer’s story. The disbelief over the victim-blaming in many public reactions. And the fear that we, the LGBT community, despite our seeming acceptance in society are still vulnerable to violence committed out of hate.

In a different instance, at a different place, it could be one of us who will be the reason for this gathering. You can be Jennifer Laude. I can be Jennifer Laude. Each one of us can be Jennifer Laude.

But isn’t that right?

I am Jennifer Laude. You are Jennifer Laude. We are Jennifer Laude. While each one of us are vulnerable to hate, each one of us can also stop this hate.

That we are all here today show that our lives matter, that we want justice, that we want an end to this violence. That we are all here today means we are taking up the challenge to ensure that these changes happen.

I am Jennifer Laude. And I take up this challenge.

Everything is better with a glass of mojito.

Sweldo! Long weekend! Hindi mo alam kung saan gigimik? Eto ang suggestions ko:

1. Manood ng gig at mag-mojito sa Blot Art Studio mamayang gabi. Bawat order mo ng cocktails ay magiging donation para sa Pride March. Walang bayad ang entrance.

2. Tumambay at manood ng Fundraiser Gig na Walang Title sa Conspiracy sa Friday. Ang P150 entrace ay ido-donate para sa Pride March. Mura lang ang beer sa Conspiracy.

Magdadala rin ang Amurru ng accessories at jewelries sa parehong gig para ibenta. Part ng kikitain ay mapupunta rin sa Pride March.

Mojito, what a great idea!

O di ba, gumimik ka na, nakatulong ka pa sa Metro Manila Pride March. That’s what I call Pride in Alcohol! I mean Pride in Action pala.

Malakañang Thursdays
Ang Pride March Fundraiser Gig na Walang Title

Let’s make this year different. Help Pride March 2012.

This was originally posted by Lanchie, the FinCom head of Task Force Pride Philippines:

Every year the Metro Manila Pride March is made possible by volunteer individuals and organizations who make up Task Force Pride Philippines.

Every year we start from scratch, no funds and no list of sponsors.

Getty Images - Manila Pride March

This year is no different. It’s a few weeks before we march for equality, we barely have any budget to hold what is supposed to be the biggest LGBT event of the year.

This year if 1,000 people donated P150 each, you’d be helping us make sure we have lights and a sound system and generator for the program; food for the people who will be performing for free; rent for band equipment for the band members; tokens for our speakers, etc.

This year show your support for the LGBT community and our continued fight for equal rights and better representation in government. Any amount would be a step to make this event possible.

You can forward your donations here:

Paypal: http://bit.ly/HelpPrideMarch2012

BPI Savings Account
Account Name: Christopher Allan Abanco OR Jonathan Villaroza Caalim
Account Number: 4359-1177-50

Help us spread the word.

Let’s make this year different.

As part of the TFP Working Group, this will not end with us begging for money year after year. Being part of the working group for the first time, it made me realize the changes needed in how the Metro Manila Pride March is organized.

From the lessons learned this year, we could ensure a better Pride March in the following year. If there is one thing Lanchie, Juna, Rocky, Bern, and I would like to be PinoyG4M‘s contribution to TFP, it is laying out the foundation for how future Marches will be organized.

This year is our challenge and already we’ve seen a few small miracles come our way. But we need a few miracles more to pull this off.