Dream: Troubled planes and fire breaking out.

In my dream, I was probably ten years old and was walking home. I was only about 100 meters away, and about to enter the street where my house was.

Bomber from "Barefoot Gen"

A large military plane was flying overhead in circles. An unseen but nearby radio was broadcasting of engine failure. Something horrible was happening. Ahead of me, a fire suddenly broke out and quickly spread to block the nearer end of our street. I won’t be able to enter.

I ran to the next street, hoping to run along it towards the other end of our street and go around to reach our house. But when I reached the next street, the fire has already spread there.

I ran to the next street. And the next one, and the next. But the spreading fire beat me every time.

At that point, I woke up, distraught. I remembered the horrible atom bombing sequence in Barefoot Gen.

A jeepney ride with Heidi Klum.

The other night’s dream: I was walking with Heidi Klum towards a jeepney stop. We were BFF and all.

We saw Claudia Schiffer walking ahead of us towards the stop, but then she took a turn and went someplace else further.

We got in a jeep and I told Heidi it’s awesome to see a known celebrity taking public transport. She laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal. She said usually takes the jeep late at night and people don’t recognize her.

I was about to pay when Heidi said she already paid for herself.

When she said that, I thought, “Huh, hindi man lang nang-libre.” I didn’t notice when she paid the driver; I thought that was rather sneaky of her.

Heidi Klum

So basically, in my dream, I was a little insulted that Heidi Klum paid her jeepney fare without telling me and didn’t even consider offering to pay for me. Some BFF she was.

In her dream, my mother wandered into a movie shoot with Tito Sotto.

While we were having brunch, my mother recounted to me a dream she had last night.

It was my sister’s wedding. (IRL, my sister got married two years ago.) She woke up late and everybody in the house has already left for the church. From the distance, she can hear the wedding march playing.

Panicking, she quickly got dressed but couldn’t find her bra. So she wore her dress without it. Already crying in panic, she also grabbed what she thought was a handkerchief. It was only after she left the house when she realized that it was one of my black tank tops.

Although she can hear the wedding march playing, the church itself was pretty far. Worse, there were no public vehicles passing. She had to walk all the way to the church while conscious of how her breast showed through her gown.

The first church she went into was empty; there was no wedding. The next church she arrived in was crowded with a wedding entourage. But it turned out to be because of a movie shoot and Tito Sotto was one of the actors.

Back on the road while looking for the right church, a man saw her and offered to drive her to the church. She was crying the entire time they were driving. The next church they saw was still not the right church. Finally, in her fourth attempt, she found the right church where my sister and the rest of the family was.

But the wedding was over. She did not even make it to the picture-taking. Still weeping, she finally woke up, with her chest heavy.

Ma and Pa during my sister's wedding.

Although she was laughing it off, it was a little painful to hear her tell me how she was panicking and weeping when she realized she might not make it to her daughter’s wedding. Because I can just picture it happening in real life. My mother often cannot deal with emergencies very well, and she will be running around while flustered. Or she will weep.

“Didn’t you remember that Maia (my sister) is already married?” I asked her, after she recounted her dream. It was a dream and she did not remember. And maybe the crushing despair took hold of her while she was helplessly walking, looking for the right church where her family was.

Dream: An action adventure building escape.

The building’s lift stopped at a certain floor, annoying me because I was running late for work (even in my dream!). When I went out, I discovered that, one floor down, the building’s pillars collapsed. One pillar smashed into the elevator shaft. Somehow the building was still standing, but only just.

Alerting my companions, we took the fire stairs, which somehow was placed outside a high-rise building. Judging that the entire building will collapse within half an hour, I urged my companions to quickly climb down from the 16th floor.

Not surprisingly, one of my companions would fall into a hysterical fit every so often: That stock character of a bumbling, helpless person that slows down a group yet somehow manages not to die ahead of the others.

Despite my real world fear of heights, I was a very competent person in my dream, leading my companions to safety. That was despite being in a world where safety regulations apparently do not exist. I already mentioned the outside fire stairs; the lift we were on apparently doesn’t have a closing door, and part of the platform floor dangerously slopes downwards. There were also the sparking open wires and some locked doors. The place felt like the aftermath of a small-scale disaster that was specifically made to happen.

Dream: A late night restaurant scene.

One night, I met with a lesbian girl friend for a really late dinner. We were joined by a straight guy friend.

The evening traffic was horrible. After some indecision on where to eat, we decided to go to a fashionable restaurant owned by another guy friend. Girl friend drove us there. There was quite a crowd inside. I was enjoying my meal while talking with my friends when the restaurant owner called my attention from several tables away.

“How is it outside?” he asked. At first, I didn’t understand what was he about. After asking what he meant, I began answering about how bad the evening traffic was and how we decided to have dinner at his place.

Restaurant owner cut me off, talked to the crowd, and started shaming my girl friend. Apparently, he didn’t know she was gay until she dumped him; he was sharing that to the other diners, and how he felt being taken advantage of. Girl friend indignantly talked back and started arguing with the restaurant owner; straight guy friend who was with us tried reasoning with both of them.

I was only halfway done with my dinner but I curtly told the restaurant owner that we were leaving. I stood up from our table but girl friend stormed out of the place. Me and guy friend, calling her name which she ignored, ran after her to her car which was parked some distance away while it was raining.