A jeepney ride with Heidi Klum.

The other night’s dream: I was walking with Heidi Klum towards a jeepney stop. We were BFF and all.

We saw Claudia Schiffer walking ahead of us towards the stop, but then she took a turn and went someplace else further.

We got in a jeep and I told Heidi it’s awesome to see a known celebrity taking public transport. She laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal. She said usually takes the jeep late at night and people don’t recognize her.

I was about to pay when Heidi said she already paid for herself.

When she said that, I thought, “Huh, hindi man lang nang-libre.” I didn’t notice when she paid the driver; I thought that was rather sneaky of her.

Heidi Klum

So basically, in my dream, I was a little insulted that Heidi Klum paid her jeepney fare without telling me and didn’t even consider offering to pay for me. Some BFF she was.

Jumping off a cliff while inside a crazy driver’s speeding jeepney.

This was from yesterday afternoon. Normally, I would force myself to wake from a dream where I was falling. This was one of those rare instances when I woke up after I already landed. I should start from the beginning.

The old, low-rise building we were facing was supposed to be where my friend Jodeck lived; it was their family property. The ground and second floors were occupied by several stores and a small school. Once you reach the third floor, the interior looked like a set from a post-apocalyptic movie: fallen beams, decaying masonry, and damn atmosphere. For some reason, Jodeck choose to stay in one of the unused units.

I went in the building with several friends and we ended up with an instant house party. Several of us went to a grocery to buy food and booze. We had to take a jeepney on our way back.

Bern, Vani and I climbed in the jeepney that arrived, but before the rest of us could get in, the crazy driver quickly drove away and turned to an unfamiliar corner. The road led up to a hill where the road ended before a cliff. The crazy driver forced the jeepney to jump across to the other side of the cliff.

Dream-logic dictates that the jeepney should have reached the other side of the cliff unharmed. Except we didn’t. The vehicle fell on top of several trees.

A few moments after we hit the ground, Vani asked excitedly, “Was that real?” Even within the dream, the whole thing looked unreal.

“Look at the broken twigs by your feet,” was Bern’s sarcastic reply. I looked down at my feet and woke up.