A jeepney ride with Heidi Klum.

The other night’s dream: I was walking with Heidi Klum towards a jeepney stop. We were BFF and all.

We saw Claudia Schiffer walking ahead of us towards the stop, but then she took a turn and went someplace else further.

We got in a jeep and I told Heidi it’s awesome to see a known celebrity taking public transport. She laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal. She said usually takes the jeep late at night and people don’t recognize her.

I was about to pay when Heidi said she already paid for herself.

When she said that, I thought, “Huh, hindi man lang nang-libre.” I didn’t notice when she paid the driver; I thought that was rather sneaky of her.

Heidi Klum

So basically, in my dream, I was a little insulted that Heidi Klum paid her jeepney fare without telling me and didn’t even consider offering to pay for me. Some BFF she was.

The middle-aged woman who sat next to me in the jeep.

This morning, the woman next to me in the jeep looked like a church lay worker: Long hair in a simple pony tail, plain blouse and skirt, neat in an almost severe way. Even her voice, when she hailed the driver to stop, sounded deferential, well-meaning and pious.

I could think of several religious stereotypes and begun applying them to her. And then I thought that was really mean of me. She seemed genuinely nice, if perpetually anxious. Like God still does not approve of her simple life, no matter how much self-denial she did (which would never be enough).

I don’t know her. Could I even see the world from her perspective? Does she even allow herself that bit of pride to think she has a perspective? Even when I was religious, I was not too religious. It was always partly for show; mostly, it was a show for myself. I wonder what a truly religious person’s inner life is like.