Day 02 of the 30-day Drawing Challenge: Your favorite animal.

Asking me what my favorite animal is is a foregone conclusion. That’s why it took me until nearly the end of the day before I bothered drawing it.

Here you go:

Day 02 - Favorite Animal
Monkeys on a unicycle.

I did not model these from an actual monkey species, nor did I strive for any kind of realism. So please forgive all the liberties I took in rendering simian anatomy.

Day 01 of the 30-day Drawing Challenge: Yourself.

It’s been ages since I’ve drawn anything so when I saw a shared image in Facebook about a thirty-day drawing challenge, I thought I should do it to force myself back to drawing again.

Here are the subjects of the drawings per day:

30-day Drawing Challenge

The first subject is a drawing of yourself, and I thought I’d take an easy approach and do a simplified self-portrait.

Day 01 - Yourself

Yes, my eyes are really like that and I was born without a nose.

This is a quick drawing done in maybe 15 minutes (which included pencils, ink, photo, level-adjustment, cropping). Partly because my initial idea is too hard for me to execute right now. And partly because I should be sleeping.

Hello. My name is Jade and my hair is messy.

Original drawing: Alternate Kupcake

Loli-Kupcake (original drawing)

Originally uploaded in DeviantArt. The “clean” version could be seen here.

A few years back, my friend Ly convinced me to join a collaborative work in DeviantArt. Participants drew a reinterpretation of an existing fictional character, preferably from comics or animation, while another participant colored it. I chose Kupcake from Alamat’s Batch ’72 comics.

Old drawing: Watching Over

Watching Over, raw copy

Ink on paper, scanned.
Uploaded in DeviantArt on March 24, 2005.