#30DayWritingChallenge: Something that happened in a hospital.

Day Twenty-Six: Something that happened in a hospital.

I once accompanied a co-worker to the hospital when she fell ill at work.

She was deathly afraid of needles. That was not great if the doctor had to get her blood sample to find out what illness she has. I was coaxing her and soothing her as the nurses tried to get her hand set for the extraction. She was crying in whimpers the entire time out of terror.

I let her squeeze my arm during the extraction. She held on using her other hand so tightly, it felt like my arm was also drained of some blood while little nail marks showed up against my skin.

It probably took us at least fifteen minutes to convince her and make her relax for the blood extraction. The actual extraction barely took a minute.

Hospital visit.

I was about to heat water for the second batch of pasta when Mond approached me and asked help to bring Leo to the hospital. Mond and Leo are my flatmates, and Leo had been ill all afternoon. Less than an hour ago, I hear Leo throwing up again, and I already asked Mond if we should bring him to a doctor.

There was a man who just died at the Emergency Room when we arrived at the hospital. His body was on a gurney by the door of the ER, with his wife next to him and crying. His head had not been covered yet. I looked away and told Mond and Leo that maybe it’s not yet a good idea to approach the ER.

A minute later, I saw the gurney pushed away from the ER; the man’s face was finally covered. Mond and I accompanied Leo to the ER to have a doctor see him; I went out when we were told Leo could only have one companion with him. It felt eerie, sitting there alone at the near-empty waiting are for visitors.

Today was my weirdest birthday ever, so far.