Sometimes, we should also judge a book by its cover.

This should be an interesting lecture. Too bad it coincides with my weekly Nihongo class.

Never Say 'Never Judge a Book by Its Cover'

Filipinas Heritage Library presents The Printed Word

Never Say “Never Judge a Book by Its Cover”
a lecture and exhibition by Dr. May Jurilla

14 March 2015 | 3:00PM | Ayala Museum 2F

On the history of the book cover, its function, its art and impact. Of special interest to publishers, graphic designers, authors, readers, and anyone who has ever cared for the look of the book.

P300 regular rate | P150 discounted (students, teachers, librarians, senior citizens, and members)

759-8288 loc 45 or 36

Read Lit District – Third Philippine International Literary Festival

From the Filipinas Heritage Library:

Reading excites you, but you desire more than that. You want cheeky banter, intellectual discourse, and heartfelt conversations on literary milestones. Discover where your dreams, passions, and fears take you at the Read Lit District.

Read Lit District

From the Filipinas Heritage Library — Sanaysaya: Writing Humorous Essays and Memoirs.

Sanaysaya: Writing Humorous Essays and Memoirs

February 15 and 22, 2012
6:00pm to 9:00pm

Writing about real life events need not always be so serious. One can write about any life experience with humor. Learn how to inject humor and wit into your essays and memoirs from Bebang Sy, author of “It’s a Mens World,” and one of the funniest young writers in the Philippines today.

Si Bebang Siy ay ipinanganak sa Quirino, Maynila. Nanirahan sa Paco, Pandacan, at Pasay, mga tigagatlong buwan. Nagkaisip sa Ermita. Lumipat sa Paranaque.Nag-aral sa Malate. Umuwi sa Las Pinas. Nagkolehiyo sa may bandang Philcoa. Nag-board sa may Kamias. Namamalengke sa Q-mart. Nagtatrabaho sa Mandaluyong. A, wala naman. Wala naman siyang planong gumawa ng mapa ng Metro Manila. Gusto lang niyang isalaysay sa iyo kung gaano kadugo ang ganitong uri ng mundo.

The workshop fee is P2,500 for both classes inclusive of handouts, materials, snacks, and a certificate. A nonrefundable down payment of P500 is required to reserve a slot. The deadline for reservations is on February 6, 2012. A 5-percent discount will be given to those who pay in full and in cash on or before the deadline. A 10-percent discount will be given to all Acentive members. Payments can be made in cash, check, or through credit card.

Proceeds of this workshop benefit the literacy projects of the Filipinas Heritage Library, including the development of community libraries, book donations, and the training of teachers and librarians all over the country.

For inquiries, please call Joy de Asis-Villaflores at 892 1801, send an SMS to 0917 561 2413, or e-mail, or visit

To know more about the author, please read this article.

Library for Filipinos and the first Libros Festival at the Filipinas Heritage Library.

At this time when the Internet has become a pervasive presence for most people, libraries are striving to remain relevant. In other countries where libraries are an important feature of the community, libraries gives services that provide meaning and understanding over the chaos and overflow of the Internet, improves the ties of the community, as well as sharing knowledge to everyone regardless of age, race or technical knowledge.

Sadly, Filipinos generally do not have the same familiarity with libraries. For most Filipinos, libraries are associated with research and school assignments which, while important, are disjointed from a person’s day-to-day experience. Leaving school usually means one will not enter a library again.

I originally meant to write “this was because Filipinos generally do not like to read”; on reflection, this is not really true. Many Filipinos read a lot of books. But Filipinos generally read only for amusement and entertainment; romance, horror and novelty books are among the most published in the country. Even news is treated as entertainment in this country. If we needed to know something, we usually turn to television. Even the average Filipino user will use the Internet mostly for gaming or updating their social network, very rarely going to sites beyond that.

The state of literacy in this country is rather disheartening. It’s still good to know that there are many groups that continue to work on promoting literacy especially to those places where books are hard to come by.

First Libros Festival

In celebration of National Book Month and in preparation for this coming Christmas season, artists, performers, thinkers, musicians, writers, readers and book lovers of all ages will gather at the first Libros Festival that will showcase books from different local and international publishers, crafts related to the written word, and other education-related products and services.

From November 24 to 26, everyone is invited to celebrate creative inspiration, the power of the imagination, and the magic of reading at the courtyard and parking of the library. Great advocates of art, books, and reading will come together for various activities that are slated to happen during the festival – from storytelling sessions, arts and crafts-making, lectures that talk about the importance of reading, talks on writing for various audiences, to book launches.

The event will benefit the OurLibrary project of the Filipinas Heritage Library, which seeks to build community libraries or learning centers across the nation, and build a nation of readers. For the inquisitive, the curious, the enthusiastic, and for those who want to expand their words and worlds, this is an event you should not miss.

Line-up of Events

Travel writing workshop at the Filipinas Heritage Library.

There was a time when I enrolled myself to several writing and photography workshops. They were a great way to take a break from my usual job, allowing me to do something other than the usual tech support thing.

I’d like to think that I learned a few things from those workshops, particularly in photography. I never got the chance to actually practice the writing bit.

There was an announcement sent to my email about an advanced travel writing workshop at the Filipinas Heritage Library this month, facilitated by Kristine Fonacier. I had the chance to sit in two of her workshops and she’s a very insightful facilitator. Whether I was a particularly competent participant was another matter; it’ll take more than workshops to make me less of a lazy writer.

From the Filipinas Heritage Library announcement:

Advanced Travel Writing
October 17, 20, 24, and 25, 2011
6:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.

Share your love of travel with others and even get the chance to see your name in print! Listen to Kristine Fonacier, a writer and travel enthusiast, as she imparts valuable insights into pushing yourself further and taking the next step to travel writing. The workshop is designed for those who have had some experience in travel writing and would like to learn advanced techniques in creating exceptional travel literary pieces.

Workshop fee is P3,500 inclusive of handouts, materials, snacks, and certificate. A down payment of P1000 is required to reserve a slot. The deadline for reservations is October 7, 2011. A P500 discount will be given to those who pay in full on or before the deadline.

Payments can be made in cash, check, or through credit card.
*Discount does not apply to credit card transactions.

Contact: Camille Martinez
8921801 Loc 27 | 09175612413

I’m actually interested to enroll, but on the 17th I’ll be in Bacolod for Masskara (funny coincidence, that) so I will have to pass this one. But hey, if anyone wants to try their hand at travel writing, they should. There’s always plenty of things one could write about the places one goes to.