#30DayWritingChallenge: A trip I can’t forget. (Mumbai)

Day Twenty-Eight: A trip I can’t forget. (Mumbai)

The only weekend I had when I briefly stayed in Mumbai was nearly ruined when I went drinking on Saturday morning after shift.

There is a good local beer in India called Kingfisher. It comes in two variants: white and red label. Normally, I drank the lighter white label; but on that Saturday, I decided to finally give the red label a try. It was good. Kingfisher was less sweet than Filipino beer like San Miguel Pale Pilsen or Red Horse, but has a nice earthy flavor and little bitterness.

The local beer in India, Kingfisher, comes in huge-ass 650 mL bottles. Single serving.

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Kingfisher Red also kicked like a motherfucker.

I was hungover when I woke up that evening, causing me to cancel meeting up one of the team supervisors who invited me over to his place near the sea. That really sucked major ass: the only Saturday I spent in Mumbai and I had to sleep it off. My hangover lasted well into Sunday and I was only able to go out after noon.

It is relatively easy to move around Mumbai.

‘Canciones de Amor y de la Vida Cotidiana’ at the Filipinas Heritage Library.

It should be nice spending a night listening to classical music. It might be test of patience for someone who is used to modern pop music’s catchy beats and shorter length but it will be worthwhile to experience something outside one’s usual playlist.

Or it may be a total bore. Studying culture from a by-gone era often is because of a seeming lack of relevance to one’s immediate experiences.

Hah, I sound like a college student writing a college paper.

A Special Concert of Spanish Traditional and Classical Songs at the Filipinas Heritage Library

On July 29, 2011, Friday at 7:00p.m., in the Filipinas Heritage Library Reading Room, The Filipinas Heritage Library and the Philippine Guitar Ensemble present “Canciones de Amor y de la Vida Cotidiana” (“Songs of Love and Everyday Life”). This is a concert of Spanish songs interpreted by soprano Anna Migallos, a graduate student of vocal performance at the Royal College of Music in London; Filipino classical guitarist Lester Demetillo, Professor of Guitar at the University of the Philippines College of Music; and seasoned classical guitarist Jeffrey Malazo.

The concert is a showcase of Demetillo’s musical work which is his original transcriptions of several Spanish songs originally written for the piano and voice to two classical guitars and voice. The concert includes eighteen songs by composers Manuel de Falla, Fernando Obradors, Miguel Sandoval, Agustin Lara, Maria Grever, Joaquin Rodrigo and Isaac Albeniz. It is the performing artists’ tribute to Spanish music and their appreciation of the continuous presence of Spanish culture in the Philippines.

The artists look forward to the support of the Spanish community in the Philippines and invite everyone to celebrate the music with them. Tickets are sold for Five Hundred Pesos with discounts for senior citizens and students, at the Filipinas Heritage Library. It is located at the corner of Makati and Ayala Avenue (Ayala Triangle), Makati City, Metro Manila.

For inquiries and ticket purchases, please contact Maria at 8921801 local 21, email karaan.mi@ayalafoundation.org, or visit www.filipinaslibrary.org.ph.