If it weren’t for my payroll account, I would not bank with Metrobank.

Wednesday morning.

Since I needed to withdraw money and get a phone prepaid card, I decided to do the same via the ATM outside the building. I did the phone card transaction first and waited for the paper receipt with the top-up code.

Except that no paper came out.

The ATM ran out of paper ribbon but the transaction still went through. That left me 300 pesos poorer and I still didn’t have a prepaid card.

I decided not to make further transactions in that machine, marched in straight to the bank, and reported the ATM incident.

The bank lady asked if I wanted the prepaid load sent to my phone or to have it refunded back to my account. I decided to get the prepaid load. When I asked for a transaction number, the bank lady assured me it was not needed anymore and to expect the prepaid load within the day.

Metrobank ATM

In hindsight, I should have insisted for that transaction number.

No prepaid load was sent to my phone number the entire day, and none the following day. I decided to go back to the bank the day after, only to find out (and realize too late) that the bank was closed because of the Chinese New Year.

Metrobank really knows how not to make me a happy customer.