Such faith in the supposed efficiency of energy drinks.

It doesn’t do anything for me, really, but I still bought a bottle of Cobra Smart energy drink. This is going to be a long night.

Due to several instances of miscommunication leading to a scheduling mix-up, I got off work at 11am this morning only to report again for my new shift at 8pm. The same day. Good thing my apartment was just a few miles away from Ortigas. I was able to take the news calmly and with an air of detached resignation, instead of going ballistic.

I could write a detailed analysis of how events led to the sudden schedule change dropping on me, but it would look dull when written down. And really, I had known of worse things that happened in other people, so I shouldn’t complain much. I only lost 6 hours of time alloted to travel, lunch, shower, house chores and sleep. It wasn’t like I ended up working 20 hours straight.

It was when I have very little time left for sleep that the universe will conspire to interrupt me in my slumber. I was asleep for an hour or so, when Bern tapped our bedroom window so I could open the frontdoor and let him in (he didn’t have his keys). To be fair, he had his share of problems at work which caused him to be home early.

It took me a few more minutes to get back to sleep only to wake up nearly an hour before the time I set my alarm to. I could hear the noise coming from the other units in the building: a mixture of hysterical laughter, children screaming, and too loud conversations echoing across the corridors, into my ears, and rousing me earlier than I wanted. But not too early that I could still go back to sleep without the likelihood of oversleeping.

So I decided I might as well get up and prepare for work.