Stop copying the copyrighted material!

Whether some webmaster decides on disabling right-clicking in their sites is completely their prerogative, of course. But his kind of pop-up message is a little insulting:

Right-clicking isn’t only about copying website data.

If one really wants to do it, one can copy downloaded website content with little difficulty even with right-click disabled. There are several browser tools that can do that, even without right-clicking.

But you know another important action you get from right-clicking? Opening link in new tabs or windows. Nothing shady about that at all.

At least the webmaster also disabled selecting anything on the page and using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-C and Ctrl-A. It would be funny if they overlooked those actions.

Still, webmaster prerogative. What was insulting was the assumption that by right-clicking, I was being a nasty little data pirate out to copy some precious website data which were already downloaded by my browser anyway. And the tone of the message, like it was coming from a stern grade school teacher reprimanding a naughty pupil.

What is wrong with saying “Sorry, right-clicking is disallowed” in the pop-up text box instead? It’s polite. It acknowledges that there is some inconvenience imposed to the website visitor. And it does not immediately assume that the website visitor is out to copy copyrighted material.

After I was peeved by the pop-up text box, I was then amused by the banner ad that was served when I loaded the Pahiyas website:

Sure, I want to date hot Philippine women online. I think I’m going to click that join button now.

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