Stir-fried French beans for dinner.

French beans

The girl who sold these called them “French beans”. They look like a thinner version of the common green beans one sees in the markets; they’re also more expensive.

The first time we saw these was in Imus, months ago, but Bern and I didn’t buy it. This time, we saw them in a bazaar in Eton Centris. The sales girls told us the beans could be steamed or stir fried; I was kind of craving for veggies, so Bern and I bought some.

We also bought other veggies, including several stems of bok choy and canned shiitake. When we got home, I found out we ran out of butter for the stir-fry, so I used olive oil instead. Except for the oyster sauce, this is the closest I got to a purely vegetarian dish in a long time.

Stir-fried  veggies with French beans
Stir-fried veggies with French beans

It turned out okay, if a bit bland. The beans have a nice, clear favor but a little stringy. I should remember to steam the beans for a few minutes first before adding them to the stir fry because they take a longer time to cook. And maybe next time, we could use fresh shiitake, too.