So you say you’re sapiosexual.

brain love

Smart people turn you on. That’s cool.

But instead of “sapiosexual”, shouldn’t “sapiophilic” be the more appropriate term for someone who is erotically or romantically attracted to intelligence?

“-phile” is the suffix used to imply preferential attraction towards something. Like bibliophile, or angliophile. “-sexual” implies a sexual orientation (“heterosexual”) or a sexual identiy (“transsexual”), neither of which are preferences.

And speaking of intelligence, which intelligence type are we talking about here? It seems to me (and my personal observation is very limited, highly biased, and terribly unscientific) sapiosexual people gravitate towards those who with high rational or linguistic intelligence, even though there are other types of intelligence.

It’s an awkward term, “sapiosexual”. It seems so sure of itself without knowing what it’s really after.

But yeah. Whatever rocks our boats.

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