Shooting the messenger.

A few minutes ago, I got a call from the building maintenance asking if the request I made for repairs in our unit was completed yesterday. I told them, they weren’t. The man said some of the maintenance people kept knocking at our unit but we weren’t replying. I asked him what time it was and he told me it was during the afternoon.

“We’re already asleep by then,” I told him. The man repeated that they went back several times, as if it was our fault for not being awake to let them in so they could complete the repairs.

shower valve

The handle of our shower’s valve is busted. I still don’t know how that happened, but bathing using a pail and dipper isn’t that easy if one has a rather long mane to wash every day. The apartment also needed to have a couple of exposed electric sockets replaced and have the unused hole for an airconditioner covered. I went to the apartment’s office the other day to request for repairs and they were scheduled to be done yesterday, before 10 in the morning.

By 9:30, we called the building maintenance if the plumber and electrician were on their way. The guy who answered said he didn’t know but promised he’d ask the office. By 10:30, we called again; the new guy who answered also didn’t know if there were repairmen coming and gave the impression that they are not made aware of repair orders for individual units.

Given the way things work in this building, I am not surprised. But that did not make me any less annoyed for delaying my sleep, waiting for nothing. By noon, I decided to join Bern and grab some sleep for work later.

Kuya,” I told the maintenance person, “we work at night. During the afternoons, we’re asleep. Do you expect us to stay awake all day, waiting? What’s the point of having the repairs scheduled when they won’t be following the scheduled time anyway.”

The man asked me if it’s alright to have the repairmen over today. I told him, I’ll be awake until noon and could wait for them until noon.

“Only until noon?” the man asked, still unable to wrap around his brain the idea that some people work at night and sleep during the afternoon.

No. Don’t bother,” I snapped. “Tell the office I’ll go there tomorrow and have the repairs rescheduled.”

It’s a good thing Bern has not yet arrived or there would be two of us fuming and probably giving a considerable piece of our minds to the unfortunate maintenance person who would call our unit.

A few minutes after I got the call, the carpenter who will cover the aircon hole arrived to take measurements of the area he should cover. Well. At least it seems we could have that done today.