Right now, throwing a chair at someone would be very satisfying.

The construction job currently running next to our apartment building begins around after lunch, prematurely waking me from my sleep. After four days of getting roused in the middle of the afternoon, I figured I’d head to the office and get some shuteye in the sleeping quarters a few hours before my shift.

The Scream

Just when I was able to fall asleep, agents who came to the office early and stationed near the sleeping quarters started discussing their exchange gift for Christmas. The way they talked sounded like they were shouting at someone from the other corner of the building even though they were really just seated three chairs apart.

A crowd like that won’t be complete without some bossy person with the most piercing voice that drowned everyone else while dominating the conversation. I was contemplating throwing one of the spare mattresses to that woman when I realized she was the team’s supervisor. Hellfire and damnation! And I was thinking of approaching a supervisor to report the agents.

I could never understand why people from this company can’t seem to function without noise in the background. From three different music players blaring across my floor’s work area to agents shouting at each other in ordinary conversation, loud manic excitement seems to be a cherished part of the office work culture.

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  1. It’s worse for us since we don’t wear headsets. It used to be that I could sneak in earphones and use my music player so I could at least listen to music that I like, but that’s no longer allowed here. Ugh.

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