Really, I’m almost always near broke and I could use a change in jobs but all I could think of right now is my hair.

I’m at that point when I’m asking myself:
Should I cut my hair short?
Should I keep the afro?
Should I grow my hair longer?
Should have my hair made into dreadlocks?
Should I have it straightened?

It's sunny in Baguio

Biking in Burnham

It’s a little weird and somewhat funny how hair is such a big deal for me, considering how much effort it takes to maintain the damn thing.

Dead cells, that’s what they are. Dead cells in strands falling all over the apartment and clogging the shower drain. Think of the money I’ll save from not buying conditioner.

Hah. The hollow attempt to convince myself to let go of my hair isn’t even an original shtick anymore, who am I kidding?