Random stuff from the Interwebs: Dancing Cephalopod.

When I saw this shared in Google+, I initially thought it was some sort of trick:


Come to think of it, it is a trick. But not in the way I initially thought it was. There is such a thing as odori-don:

Literally “dancing squid rice bowl”. A live squid with its head removed is served on top of a bowl of sushi rice, accompanied by sashimi prepared from the head (usually sliced ika (squid) and ika-kimo (squid liver)) as well as other seafood.

Seasoned soy sauce is first poured on top of the squid to make it “dance”.

The FoodJapan entry further writes that while freshly killed squid served on rice is a traditional Japanese dish, the dancing squid bowl started as a marketing gimmick. The squid in this case is no longer alive: the sodium in the soy sauce is triggering reflex action causing its legs to move.

Still, this is rather morbid table entertainment. Haven’t we been taught by our mothers not to play with our food?