PinoyG4M kicked out of Facebook, Part 2.

A few days back, Facebook removed the original fan page of PinoyG4M, possible due to some stupid Facebook user reporting it to the Facebook moderators. When I filled out the appeal form for disabled Pages in Facebook, I received this auto-generated email reply:

Thank you for your email. Please note that the form you submitted is only meant for users to appeal the removal of their Page because it violated our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Therefore we do not offer support for general Page inquiries or the Page authentication process.

Please visit Facebook’s Help Center to view frequently asked questions regarding the Pages product. You can reach this section by clicking the link below:

If your appeal was for the removal of a Page of which you were an admin, please respond to this email and we will review your situation.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

The Facebook Team

Reading through that response felt like my annoyance was mollified by a door knob.

Is it an admission of the general stupidity of Facebook users that the auto-response to an appeal for the removal of a Page is an explanation that what they just did was appeal for the removal of their Page?

But Facebook is a huge site populated with lots of people making all sorts of requests everyday. And some many most people do not bother with the niceties of choosing where their requests will be addressed to on the grounds that if they know what they want Facebook to do for them, the Facebook support team should certainly know what those users mean, too.

Working in Customer Service and Technical Support gave me a very dim view of the depths of human stupidity, so please don’t blame for being so cynical. At least I’m following Facebook’s instructions.

There will be more of this when I receive another reply from The Facebook Team.