OMG Nosferatu is screening on the 26th at Shangri-la Plaza.

I thought I had our Baguio trip this month planned out but it seems we will have to delay it.

My sister sent me a Facebook invitation for the 5th International Silent Film Festival. It coincides with our planned Baguio trip and one of the featured movies is Nosferatu.

Director: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, 1922 (94 min.)
Genre: Horror


The film Nosferatu – A symphony of horror is a German silent film produced by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. The premier was on the 04 March 1922 in Berlin. For the first time Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau showed vampires in a movie thus, making it the precursor of vampire films.

It’s a relatively easy choice: Baguio will always be just a few hours away from Manila, but how often does one get the chance to see a movie like Nosferatu?

Silent Film Screening
26 – 28 August 2011
Shang Cineplex (Cinema 2), Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong Manila
Free entrance
+632 8405723-24