Old photo: But This is not Europe

This is actually a detail of the fountain at Plaza Calderon dela Barca (now called Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz), in front of the Binondo Church (officially the Minor Basilica of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz). The photo was taken on Good Friday, probably in 2005, using my Minolta film SLR.

But This Is Not Europe

If not for the electric wire that invaded the upper left corner of the photo, it does have an old European appeal, no? That shouldn’t be surprising since the Plaza has been around during the late 1800s (Google won’t give me info on when it was actually constructed), hence the Spanish influence.

A few years later, this fountain was repainted. Instead of cream with charming rusty splotches, it’s now a boring light gray that seems to remove highlighting shadows, giving the fountain statues a rather flat appearance.

While I support the revival and restoration of old structures in Manila (and Dog knows we should put more effort into the preservation of our architectural heritage), it’s disappointing to see how people who actually do these things don’t seem to bother thinking things through. Yes, it’s merely a choice of paint. But choosing the right kind of paint could turn an otherwise beautiful European-style fountain into a drab hunk of concrete where water pours out of.