Not as easy as Pi.

It’s the Pi Day of the Century, as well as the day after Friday the 13th. But it looked like my unlucky Friday was extended for 12 more hours until Saturday noon.

I was in Tayuman, on my way to meet a friend for lunch before I heading to Quiapo for the afternoon. My friend and I agreed to have some pasta, which we discovered we both we craving.

Before I reached the mall, I saw a Metrobank branch and decided to withdraw from the ATM. A few keypresses later, I was waiting for the machine to dispense my cash. And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

With a growing dread because of the odd delay in the transaction.

Finally, the ATM monitor flashed a message of regret: My card was captured. On a weekend when I only have 200 pesos left in my wallet.

I called the bank’s Support number but my fears were only confirmed when the bank representative explained that I cannot claim my card until Monday, when the bank opens again, and in that same branch where it was captured. The poor girl didn’t deserve getting the full blunt of my frustration, but she so happened to work in the detestable Metrobank.

What was supposed to be a pasta lunch date ended up an inexpensive fastfood trip, with my friend paying for my meal.

I was grateful but at the same time uncomfortable accepting the meal. It’s easier for me to accept free meals when I have money, because I can immediately return the favor: but drinks or desserts, in my turn. After all, I am working and earning for myself; I should not depend on someone else buying food for me.

It was an idiotic rationalization and I was stressing too much, thinking about it.

I was glad my friend tolerated my spewing vitriol against Metrobank every three minutes while we were eating and was not affected by my aura of bad vibes. Nobody really wants to have lunch with a walking beacon of negativity.

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