Let’s wear pink on June 18.

I’m not a guy who wears bright pink. It just doesn’t go with my skin tone. But some things are more important than the careful color-coordination of your outfits.

Whether you’re straight, gay, bi, trans, queer, asexual, undecided, or undefined, let’s wear something pink this Saturday (June 18) to support gender acceptance, tolerance and sensitivity in the Philippines. Ask your friends to wear something pink, too, and and encourage them to be more open-minded about people’s varying sexual preferences.

Wear Pink on June 18 was an event started by Tobie as (hopefully) a Philippine counterpart to Singapore’s Pink Dot. I invited some friends to spend the day in a picnic in UP Diliman so several people of various sexual preferences wearing pink shirts could converge and have a nice afternoon off near the lagoon of the Diliman campus.

Let’s just hope the weather agrees with us this Saturday.

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Photo: Vintage 1960s Haute Couture Pink Ruffle Tuxedo Shirt