Let’s make this year different. Help Pride March 2012.

This was originally posted by Lanchie, the FinCom head of Task Force Pride Philippines:

Every year the Metro Manila Pride March is made possible by volunteer individuals and organizations who make up Task Force Pride Philippines.

Every year we start from scratch, no funds and no list of sponsors.

Getty Images - Manila Pride March

This year is no different. It’s a few weeks before we march for equality, we barely have any budget to hold what is supposed to be the biggest LGBT event of the year.

This year if 1,000 people donated P150 each, you’d be helping us make sure we have lights and a sound system and generator for the program; food for the people who will be performing for free; rent for band equipment for the band members; tokens for our speakers, etc.

This year show your support for the LGBT community and our continued fight for equal rights and better representation in government. Any amount would be a step to make this event possible.

You can forward your donations here:

Paypal: http://bit.ly/HelpPrideMarch2012

BPI Savings Account
Account Name: Christopher Allan Abanco OR Jonathan Villaroza Caalim
Account Number: 4359-1177-50

Help us spread the word.

Let’s make this year different.

As part of the TFP Working Group, this will not end with us begging for money year after year. Being part of the working group for the first time, it made me realize the changes needed in how the Metro Manila Pride March is organized.

From the lessons learned this year, we could ensure a better Pride March in the following year. If there is one thing Lanchie, Juna, Rocky, Bern, and I would like to be PinoyG4M‘s contribution to TFP, it is laying out the foundation for how future Marches will be organized.

This year is our challenge and already we’ve seen a few small miracles come our way. But we need a few miracles more to pull this off.