It’s still too early for Niños Inocentes.

01. It’s as if the apartment doesn’t want to let us in.

On the day before I was supposed to leave the Chairless Apartment, I was locked out.

We had the housecooling (the opposite of of housewarming, get it?) of the Chairless Apartment on Christmas. I figured, with the holidays and all, everybody should be sick of eating pasta and decided to cook a dish that will go with rice. On my way back to Mandaluyong, I passed by the wet market and got ingredients for seafood kare-kare.

Before I reached the apartment, I realized that I don’t have my keys with me. I sent a message to Bern and he said he only just left Imus. Damn. That’ll be two hours of travel from Cavite to Mandaluyong. My other options are to head back to Makati and get my keys, have the door forced open (and pay the replacement of the locks), or wait until Bern arrives.

Going back to Makati will cost me around P300 and will take about an hour. Having the front door busted will cost me aroun P700 and will take 15 to 30 minutes. I opted to wait and hoped the shellfish I bought would not have gone bad by then.

I think I fell asleep leaning against the stairs of the fire exit. Next thing I know, it’s already past 4pm and Bern was ONLY able to get a bus from Cavite. Traffic from Imus was bad, but it’s also close to rush hour in Makati; getting my keys from my parents’ place is no longer a good option. By 6, my phone’s battery gave out. I asked building maintenace to force open the front door of my unit.

Our friends Barny and Mia already arrived when the maintenance people came to open our door. After the dead-bolt was opened, Bern arrived, running across the hallway. He overheard maintenance people by the gate discussing out unit and ran quickly, hoping he could still reach us in time. Poor hunny, he didn’t.

I found my keys in our bedroom the following morning. So going back to Makati would not have accomplished anything after all. I was truly locked out.

02. That was not a funny.

Bern had to leave the party early because of work. On Christmas day.

He was told to report that night as part of a skeleton crew who will handle email inquries. When he arrived at the office, the lights were off and no one was there. Turned out it was an office-wide prank made to newbies.

After commuting from Cavite to Mandaluyong for 4 hours, that kind of joke is just cruel.

03. It’s as if the apartment refuses to let us go.

Yesterday, Markee asked to have the lease extended for a day because he can’t get his stuff on the 26th. Eventually, I agreed and decided that I won’t be able to finish packing all my stuff anyway.

Bern and I was asleep when Markee took his things. He was gone when we woke up. In the end, my stuff are all that’s left in the apartment.

Bern and I went down to throw some stuff out and maybe grab something to eat. When we reached the store, I realized my wallet was missing. I remember taking it from my pants just before we stepped out of our unit. I didn’t pay any attention to it until we reached the store.

We walked back to the apartment, retracing the steps we took going out, hoping that I only misplaced my wallet but knowing that it’s mostly likely gone, the way my luck is going lately.

And I was right. I was the Universe’s butt monkey, hurray.

Aside from my last remaining cash (which I would’ve used to pay the movers for my stuff), I also lost my ATM cards. My salary will be credited of Friday night but I won’t be able to withdraw them immediately because of the bank holidays. Isn’t it a great time to lose one’s ATM.

At that point, there wasn’t any rage left for me to spite my luck. Bern hugged me and I just whimpered.

2012 sure ended in a way Bern and I couldn’t have foreseen. That was funny.

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