It might as well be a day the music died.

My heart sunk when I read this news:

The ongoing rioting in London struck a potentially devastating blow to the U.K.’s independent record labels last night when a 200,000-square-foot Sony DADC warehouse went up in flames, destroying countless records and CDs distributed by the PIAS Group on behalf of scores of indie labels including such famed imprints as Beggars Banquet, 4AD, Mute and Rough Trade.

Those larger independent labels won’t be as badly hurt, Beggars Group chairman Martin Mills tells Music Week, because they keep stock at other locations around Europe. But dozens of smaller labels — see a full list here — may have had their entire physical inventory wiped out in the blaze, which resulted in no injuries.

It’s good to hear no one was killed or injured during the fire, but it’s sad how those records were all burned down. Worse, the independent labels that fosters many of the more progressive non-mainstream musicians will suffer the most.

Being an outsider, I cannot comment on the public dissatisfaction that triggered the London riots. But wantonly destroying public property, for whatever reason is reprehensible and cannot be justified as a valid action against an inept government.

Sony warehouse torched in London riots; Beggars, 4AD, Rough Trade records burn