If you also grew up reading Twisted, you should help Jessica Zafra now.

Many of the kids from the 90s grew up reading Jessica Zafra. Last Sunday, she wrote about having “the worst case of influenza [she] ever had.”

Today, I saw a Facebook message reposted by Carlos Celdran about Ms Zafra being hospitalized:

Please.. Let’s DONATE. Like many artists and freelancers, Jessica has NO medical insurance:

Emergency message From Ramón “RayVi” Sunico: About author Jessica Zafra:

“Dear Friends of Jessica Zafra,

“Many of you have already heard that Jessica has been hospitalized at the Makati Medical Center since late Monday night. After several days of fever, she had been found on the staircase of her apartment building, conscious but disoriented. Initial diagnosis indicated that she did not suffer a stroke, but was dehydrated, which resulted in an electrolyte imbalance. CT and MRI scans show some inflammation of the brain, which may be due to an infection. She is now undergoing neurological observation.

“Her only sister Cookie (Cheryl) is there for her, but this is a call to all her friends to pitch in and do what they can: every little bit helps. As is the case with almost all artists who work freelance, Jessica does not have health insurance. Those who would like to make a donation towards Jessica’s hospitalization and medical care can deposit directly into Cookie’s Security Bank account, which is under the name of Cheryl Ann Grace Z. de Jesus.

“Please just contact me through tinacuyugan @ yahoo.com.

“Also, kindly please email Cookie to let her know of any deposits made. cheryl.zafra @ emerson.com.

“Thanks, everyone. Keep Jessica in your thoughts and prayers. — Tina”

As Carlos Celdran pointed out, freelancers typically do not have medical insurance which makes it difficult for them when they encounter a serious medical emergency.

A lot of people have already expressed offering prayers for the recovery of Jessica Zafra, which is well and good. However, what she needs most right now is financial assistance for her hospital bills.

Let’s hope the readers who followed her column, were entertained and influenced by Ms Zafra’s snark and humor will now show their appreciation to one of the most popular Filipino writers of the post-Martial Law generation.

Jessica Zafra