Hello again, blog.

This blog has not been updated since July, good grief. With so many things that had happened, I do not wish to back track on all of them. I’ll just leave that cliched statement there:

So many things had happened.

I was inspecting the saved notes in my phone, when I saw a recent entry on a dream I wrote down after waking:

Dream 21:08, Fri 12 Oct 2012

A woman entered a hotel where time loops into steampunk time and smuggled out a man to the modern time.

“Just because they let you pursue an open relationship means you accept one.”

The quote was mentioned somewhere during the dream and seemed to be significant enough for me to write down. Like many vivid dreams, I hoped my note will help me remember what happened and maybe adopt it into a story.

Unfortunately, like many vivid dreams, I quickly forgot all about it and reading my note now hardly brings back anything.

Steampunk Goggles by PanzerKitty