Geek Fight tomorrow night at B-Side.

Welcome to Uranus

A Very Special Geekfight Event : Welcome to Uranus
Monday, August 29 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm
B Side, Malugay Street, Makati

Skirting the Rim: Fringe Science
Taking the Plunge: Explorers and Explorations
Firmament, Fundament: Astronomy
Inter-rectual Property Rights: Law and Plagiarism
Ass It Happens: Current Events
Kicking Butt: Fighting Games
Double Derriere: 90s Nickelodeon

Special Geek IQ Topic: URANUS
Bonus Round: Surprise! Buttsecks (To Be Announced)

The winning team gets a goodie bag of Pinoy indie stuff and surprises for Uranus.

Teams of 8.
P100 registration fee.

Special thanks to Dakila, B Side, and Shirt Selector.

It took nearly a year for this to happen, but we’re finally sponsoring a Geekfight game.

I join a regular inter-team quiz night called Geek Fight: a bunch of teams with eight people each answering geeky trivia questions and whoever gets the most points wins. I play with a team named “Explorers of Uranus” and after a couple of wins, we thought we should sponsor a game.

After two consecutive wins early this year, we finally are sponsoring a game and pulled out all the ass jokes we could think of while at it.

Since tomorrow is a holiday, why not join Geekfight. Get a group of eight friends together, or join any of the existing team, and test yourself against our questions. The thing about Geekfight is most of the time, you know the answers. You just haven’t thought about the subject of the questions for some time.

(Btw, I prepared the questions for the Astronomy category. So if you have complaints about those questions, you know who to blame.)