Gay penguin romance to end at Toronto Zoo.

Penguins in the Toronto Zoo are in the news because of their apparent same-sex pairing. Buddy and Pedro (which sounds like the title of a buddy movie) are a pair of endangered African penguins who seem to be into a rather close bromance.

According to the Toronto Star, zookeepers have noticed that although Buddy, 20, and Pedro, 10, swim and play with the other penguins in their enclosure by day, they pair off and nest together at night as well as exhibit other telltale mating behaviors, such as touching, making braying sounds and defending their territory.

…In accordance with the species’ survival plan, the zoo staff will separate Buddy and Pedro so they can fulfill their biological destiny: to create more African penguins.

While it’s sad to see these penguins separated, they were placed in the zoo to breed. While there is much to learn about apparent homosexuality among these penguins, the more pressing issue here is that their species is endangered and their population should increase.

If humans were a dying species and I needed to have sex with a woman in order to increase population, I will do it. My personal sexual preference takes a back seat to the greater need of species. The question here is one of survival. We can’t assert the rights of gay penguins if there are no more penguins to fight for.

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Tough Love: Toronto Zoo to Separate ‘Gay’ Penguin Couple
‘Gay’ Penguins to Be Separated at Toronto Zoo