From kanto to Kanto: ‘Pinoy Rangers’, Gerilya’s first gallery exhibit.

I went to Kanto last night to discuss the details of the screening of Sine Bahaghari there next month. The artists of Gerilya were there preparing for the opening of their exhibit tonight.

Gerilya is a group of street artists. Street art and graffiti have always been a controversial art form, especially since mainstream society see it as vandalism. But if there were people who suddenly painted a bare wall one night in this manner, would you consider it vandalism?

I’d say it’s a welcome improvement.

Pinoy Rangers shows men with their faces covered by various variations of the Katipunan and Philippine flags, in poses imitating various super sentai and shonen heroes. The main idea is to compare our textbook definition of heroism to the modern pop culture idea of heroes as seen in popular action anime.

I asked them if one of them was responsible for the awesome wall art made in a torn-down building near where I live, but it seems the artist was not part of Gerilya. Too bad, I really wanted to say how I admired his work.

Pinoy Rangers, Gerilya’s first gallery exhibit, opens tonight and will run until February 12 in Kanto. Kanto is located at The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street, San Antonio Village, Makati.