Filipino films today at the French Film Festival.

If it weren’t for a friend inviting me to watch the screening of her short films, I wouldn’t have noticed the French Film Festival currently screening at the Shangri-la Plaza.

Later, the film festival will be featuring works from Filipino filmmakers:

Traditionally, on Independence Day, the festival pays tribute to Philippine cinema by screening Filipino films that have been shown in festivals in France, or whose directors have participated in French workshops or seminars. Among the films to be shown this year are “Busong” by Auraeus Solito (Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes 2011), “Manila” by Raya Martin and Adolfo Alix, Jr. (Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival 2009), “Bakal Boys” by Ralstom Jover (participant in the Cinéfondation Atelier, Cannes Film Festival 2012) and the short films “Little” and “Au Revoir Philippe” by Sigrid Bernardo (One Country One Film Festival, Apchat).

Because of limited time, I probably will only be able to catch the short films. Which is too bad because I want to see “Busong”.

The schedule for the remaining screenings at the Shangri-la Plaza are below:


June 12
1:30 pm – Bakal Boys
4:00 pm – Short films
8:00 pm – Busong

June 13
12:30 pm – Demon Lover
3:30 pm – Irma Vep
5:30 pm – Summer Hours
8:00 – Sentimental Destinies

June 14
12:00 pm – Rebellion (L’ordre et la morale)
3:00 pm – The Art of Love (L’art d’aimer)
5:00 pm – Heartbreaker (L’arnacoeur)
7:30 pm – The Artist

June 15
12:00 pm – Cold Water (L’eau Froide)
2:30 pm – Demon Lover
5:30 pm – All That Glitters (Tout ce qui brille)
8:00 pm – Clean

June 16
12:00 pm – Hideaway (Le Refuge)
3:00 pm – The 3 – Way Wedding (L’ Mariage a Trois)
5:30 pm – Sentimental Destinies
8:00 pm – Summer Hours

June 17
12:30 pmh – Clean
3:00 pm – Roses A Credit
5:30 pm – Deep in the Woods (Au Fond Des Bois)
8:00 pm – The 3 – Way Wedding (L’ Mariage a Trois)

Citi-Rustan’s French Film Festival