Everybody’s having their weird dreams lately.

The other day, I woke up and saw a rather long SMS from Alejandro:

Had a really weird dream. In it, my father was Severus Snape, my mother was Miriam Defensor-Santiago, my nanny was Mae West, and we had Jeeves the Butler as our… well… butler. You can just imagine the conversation. Oh plus throw in a couple of huge iguanas for pets. One scarlet, the other black and white. Weird. I should really stop watching youtube before bedtime.

I replied that with a family like that, their dinner conversations should be really lively. Alejandro answered that with how the real-life conversations of his family is like, he’s not really inclined to pump up the weirdness factor.

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

Speaking of weird, Bern also sent this SMS just as I was about to sleep that morning:

From Mhai: Bernbern, bahay ka na? Help. Na-lock ako sa loob ng bahay. Hehe. Nakalimutan ko kasi yung susi ko tapos pinabaklas ko kina kuya yung knob. Nung clinose ko na door, lock na ko sa loob. Di ko makalabas.

Bern, are you home? Help. I got locked in the house. Hehe. I forgot my keys so I had the door busted open by the maintenance guys. When I closed the door, I was locked inside. I can’t get out.

I went down to Mhai’s apartment to see how she was. It turned out that while the maintenance guy removed the knob, he did not remove the bolt for the door’s lock. When the door closed, the bolt got stuck and I had to pull it out of its slot so that the door could open.

Mhai was already rattled and close to panicking because she was alone in the apartment. After we got the door opened, I asked her why she didn’t call us instead of having the door forcibly opened; after all, she gave us a spare key. But she’d rather have the doorknob taken out than bother us, even as I tried to explain that Bern and I agreeing to keep a spare key also meant that she could definitely bother us if she needed it.

That same morning, I also left my wallet in the office. I found out about it just when I arrived at our building and had to call Leo to go down and pay for my cab. It seemed like a small wave of craziness had spread around many people that day.