Dream: An action adventure building escape.

The building’s lift stopped at a certain floor, annoying me because I was running late for work (even in my dream!). When I went out, I discovered that, one floor down, the building’s pillars collapsed. One pillar smashed into the elevator shaft. Somehow the building was still standing, but only just.

Alerting my companions, we took the fire stairs, which somehow was placed outside a high-rise building. Judging that the entire building will collapse within half an hour, I urged my companions to quickly climb down from the 16th floor.

Not surprisingly, one of my companions would fall into a hysterical fit every so often: That stock character of a bumbling, helpless person that slows down a group yet somehow manages not to die ahead of the others.

Despite my real world fear of heights, I was a very competent person in my dream, leading my companions to safety. That was despite being in a world where safety regulations apparently do not exist. I already mentioned the outside fire stairs; the lift we were on apparently doesn’t have a closing door, and part of the platform floor dangerously slopes downwards. There were also the sparking open wires and some locked doors. The place felt like the aftermath of a small-scale disaster that was specifically made to happen.