Dream: A late night restaurant scene.

One night, I met with a lesbian girl friend for a really late dinner. We were joined by a straight guy friend.

The evening traffic was horrible. After some indecision on where to eat, we decided to go to a fashionable restaurant owned by another guy friend. Girl friend drove us there. There was quite a crowd inside. I was enjoying my meal while talking with my friends when the restaurant owner called my attention from several tables away.

“How is it outside?” he asked. At first, I didn’t understand what was he about. After asking what he meant, I began answering about how bad the evening traffic was and how we decided to have dinner at his place.

Restaurant owner cut me off, talked to the crowd, and started shaming my girl friend. Apparently, he didn’t know she was gay until she dumped him; he was sharing that to the other diners, and how he felt being taken advantage of. Girl friend indignantly talked back and started arguing with the restaurant owner; straight guy friend who was with us tried reasoning with both of them.

I was only halfway done with my dinner but I curtly told the restaurant owner that we were leaving. I stood up from our table but girl friend stormed out of the place. Me and guy friend, calling her name which she ignored, ran after her to her car which was parked some distance away while it was raining.