Dough it yourself.

There was a time I was into food literature: non-fiction about the food we eat, why we enjoy some food, and the history of the food we consume. Learning about the hidden intricacies of mundane things is always delightful; and food, even the fancy kinds, are some of the most mundane things we partake everyday.

There was this book that I enjoyed reading, Gastronaut: Adventures in Food for the Romantic, the Foolhardy, and the Brave, where Stefan Gates narrates his various food adventures. In one essay, he decided to try incorporating various stuff from his body into his food: fingernail clippings, semen, urine. The only body stuff he didn’t use are hair (they can’t be digested and can cause problems with one’s intestines) and feces (it’s toxic). It was an interesting exercise in overcoming disgust due to body-related food taboos.

I was reminded of that essay while reading a viral story today about a woman who used her vaginal yeast to create bread.

The Internet, being the interconnected collective id of humanity, predictably threw a fit of disgust. But is it really that disgusting to use vaginal yeast for bread? Yeast naturally occurs in the vagina (it helps balance the microflora in that part of the body) and some people eat pussy. Sooo… some people get to have those yeast directly, right? I don’t get where the disgust comes from unless the person who says it never licked another persons nether regions, ever.

The better question would be if vaginal yeast really can be used to create bread. Apparently, it can’t because bread yeast and vaginal yeast are different microorganisms altogether. Or maybe it can, according to other claims.

Would I eat bread made using vaginal yeast? Sure. I have had odder things pass through my mouth.

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