#30DayWritingChallenge: Losing.

Day Twenty-Four: Losing.

During the Nineties, Battle of the Brains was one of the more popular game shows on local TV. It was a weekly quiz show where different schools would send a team of delegates to compete with each other, answering questions from various categories (Science, Arts, Current Events, etc). During sixth grade, I was sent to compete in the Elementary School competition of the show with two other classmates.

Battle of the Brains

I’ve been in several inter-school quizzes before: Math Quiz Bees, Science Quiz Bees, Campus Journalism Meets. You can say I was the mental counterpart of school athletes. I was hopeless in sports and physical activities, but I was quite good in competitive quizzes. During grade school, I realized that it was an easy way to win high grades and exam exemptions from teachers. I still joined inter-school competitions in high school, but my more conservative high school teachers were not too impressed by it; my high school grades dipped because I was mostly a very lazy student.

Prior to the show, our team was put in a relatively intense training. Teachers sometimes pulled out from class so we can do mock quizzes and they timed us when answering various questions.

During the show proper, I remember being underwhelmed by the studio. It was much smaller than I expected from what is shown on television. It was grubbier and not as “high-tech” as how we thought it would be.

We lost. (This entry’s title was a giveaway, wasn’t it?)

We were second place, with a very close score with the winning school. Partly it was because of a True or False question that was initially answered incorrectly: I thought, because of only two options for an answer, answering incorrectly invalidates attempts to “steal” the points. The team that won was not above taking advantage of an answer that was practically given away.

The security blanket is now part of the Toy Hall Of Fame.

Linus’ iconic blanket is now part of the National Toy Hall Of Fame:

Curators said the blanket was a special addition in the spirit of two earlier inductees, the cardboard box and the stick. They praised its ability to serve either as recreational raw material or an accessory transformed in myriad ways by a child’s daydreams.

“Every now and again we like to shake things up, remind folks there’s play experiences that happen purely creatively … rather than coming with rules, a path, a backstory you feel constrained into,” said Christopher Bensch, the Rochester museum’s chief curator.

“Blankets have been keeping people warm for centuries, but they’ve also been heating up kids’ imaginations,” serving as magic carpets and superhero capes, a peek-a-boo veil, a chair-draped fortress or “an island of safety surrounded by sea monsters.”

Also included among the new inductees are the dollhouse and Hot Wheels.

While I think the dollhouse deserves its place in the Hall of Fame, I’d prefer to see Rubik’s Cube (which was shortlisted this year) inducted instead of Hot Wheels.

Peanuts 1990-12-30

The blanket, Hot Wheels and dollhouse join 46 other classics in Toy Hall of Fame

This is the start of another Internet game addiction.

The game City of Wonder is not loading in Google+ and it’s pissing me off. I’ve recently got hooked to the game and I’ve been taking some effort in designing my city, complete with a little isle surrounded by a lopped river. It’s cute; the isle even has the Fountain of Life in it.

Of course I can’t get a screeshot now because the blasted game won’t load. I’ve already restarted the computer several times; but everytime I try to access the game, it only loads until 99% and stays there indefinitely.

Finally, I thought, screw this , and stood up to get a glass of water.

And then I remembered Bern’s mom is dropping by the apartment to see her sick son. So I tidied up the house, sweeped the floor and tidied up the bathroom. Especially the bathroom. From my experience, mothers often react violently to dirty bathrooms (not that ours are, even on most days).

I can’t really understand the bathroom obsession; I’d be more keen on checking out the cleanliness of the fridge, the kitchen and the trash bin, really, but most people judge the state of a house’s sanitation based on the bathroom.

And after I’ve done those, I went back to the computer to load City of Wonders and again and it’s still hanging at 99%. Motherfucker.

Bern came out of our bedroom (now that’s a room that needs a lot of cleaning up in our flat) from his nap and saw me seated in the living room, zombie-like.

“I cleaned the bathroom,” I told him. “And this game is still not loading.”

Bern told me of a friend of his who was also obsessing over an Internet game. The guy would not pay them attention if he’s in the middle of a game. One time, while Bern was staying at that friend’s place, the internet connection went down. Said friend went out of his room, headed straight to the bathroom, and cleaned it. While still not paying attention to his visitors.

“It seems,” Bern concluded, “it was only that that could move him away from his chair.”

…and the game is still stuck. Motherfucker.

This is my first entry to my Christmas wishlist.

Guess what it is?

Angry Birds board game

Leo tweeted about an Angry Birds board game coming out:

We have been waiting for an Angry Birds board game for quite some time now. The gameplay on smartphones and tablets just seems like it would lend itself to a real-world game so well and our wish has finally been answered. Knock on Wood is the official Angry Birds board game and it’s available right now!

Normally I dislike the use of exclamation points in news posts, but I could feel the collective squee of Angry Birds fanboys there. Bern was squealing behind me when we saw the product photos.

The game pieces looked lovely, and it feels a shame to actually use the and risk scratching and dirt. I think I should get two sets: one for actual game use and another for collection and display.