The almost-fight for bunk no. 6.

So, earlier: I wanted to grab a quick nap during my lunch break. I registered for the nap room and was assigned to bunk #2.

It was occupied when I got in; some guy who couldn’t bother following simple numbered assignment. So I went to an empty bunk, #6.

Almost as I was about to doze off, some guy came in, woke me up, and said he’s supposed to take bunk #6.

Oh boy. I said, in a reasonable voice (I hope), “I was assigned #2 but it’s occupied. So I took #6.”

“But I’m assigned #6,” he said, with the nasal twang of a queen ready for a bitch fit. I got off, carried my shoes, and climbed to one of the upper bunks.

When I got there, I realized I left my phone in bunk #6.

“Excuse me,” I said in a bored drawl. ” Can you pass me my phone?” It was under a pillow, I pointed out, without bothering to go down and help. I merely stretched my arm a little to get my phone.


But after lying down again, I realized I will be able to get some sleep because some rude queen decided he’ll get his bunk like some privileged princess. I stood up and left to return to the production.

Woke up like shit


I later had to apologize to my trainees for being extra snappish after lunch break. They certainly didn’t deserve that.

But really. Don’t wake people in a nap room just so you can get a bunk. That’s horribly rude at hindi mo yan ikinaganda, teh.

Stop copying the copyrighted material!

Whether some webmaster decides on disabling right-clicking in their sites is completely their prerogative, of course. But his kind of pop-up message is a little insulting:

Right-clicking isn’t only about copying website data.

If one really wants to do it, one can copy downloaded website content with little difficulty even with right-click disabled. There are several browser tools that can do that, even without right-clicking.

But you know another important action you get from right-clicking? Opening link in new tabs or windows. Nothing shady about that at all.

At least the webmaster also disabled selecting anything on the page and using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-C and Ctrl-A. It would be funny if they overlooked those actions.

Still, webmaster prerogative. What was insulting was the assumption that by right-clicking, I was being a nasty little data pirate out to copy some precious website data which were already downloaded by my browser anyway. And the tone of the message, like it was coming from a stern grade school teacher reprimanding a naughty pupil.

What is wrong with saying “Sorry, right-clicking is disallowed” in the pop-up text box instead? It’s polite. It acknowledges that there is some inconvenience imposed to the website visitor. And it does not immediately assume that the website visitor is out to copy copyrighted material.

After I was peeved by the pop-up text box, I was then amused by the banner ad that was served when I loaded the Pahiyas website:

Sure, I want to date hot Philippine women online. I think I’m going to click that join button now.

So you say you’re sapiosexual.

brain love

Smart people turn you on. That’s cool.

But instead of “sapiosexual”, shouldn’t “sapiophilic” be the more appropriate term for someone who is erotically or romantically attracted to intelligence?

“-phile” is the suffix used to imply preferential attraction towards something. Like bibliophile, or angliophile. “-sexual” implies a sexual orientation (“heterosexual”) or a sexual identiy (“transsexual”), neither of which are preferences.

And speaking of intelligence, which intelligence type are we talking about here? It seems to me (and my personal observation is very limited, highly biased, and terribly unscientific) sapiosexual people gravitate towards those who with high rational or linguistic intelligence, even though there are other types of intelligence.

It’s an awkward term, “sapiosexual”. It seems so sure of itself without knowing what it’s really after.

But yeah. Whatever rocks our boats.

If it weren’t for my payroll account, I would not bank with Metrobank.

Wednesday morning.

Since I needed to withdraw money and get a phone prepaid card, I decided to do the same via the ATM outside the building. I did the phone card transaction first and waited for the paper receipt with the top-up code.

Except that no paper came out.

The ATM ran out of paper ribbon but the transaction still went through. That left me 300 pesos poorer and I still didn’t have a prepaid card.

I decided not to make further transactions in that machine, marched in straight to the bank, and reported the ATM incident.

The bank lady asked if I wanted the prepaid load sent to my phone or to have it refunded back to my account. I decided to get the prepaid load. When I asked for a transaction number, the bank lady assured me it was not needed anymore and to expect the prepaid load within the day.

Metrobank ATM

In hindsight, I should have insisted for that transaction number.

No prepaid load was sent to my phone number the entire day, and none the following day. I decided to go back to the bank the day after, only to find out (and realize too late) that the bank was closed because of the Chinese New Year.

Metrobank really knows how not to make me a happy customer.

WTF is this Globe Toolbar doing in my browser?

Dear Globe:

I am, unfortunately, one of your mobile internet subscribers. If it wasn’t costly for us to get a different broadband option in the Chairless Apartment, believe me, I would’ve happily abandoned Globe Tattoo.

You see, as of late, your service has become a tad… inconsistent. Slow download speeds eventually ending in a halt and difficulties reconnecting have become so frequent, it has affected us drastically.

I am not your average Facebook user who spams people with inane photos of themselves pouting at the camera or cryptic messages about someone who mildly irrates me. Yes, I do that, too, and there’s nothing wrong with those, by themselves. But the internet is just not a means for me to pimp myself to the world.

I use it to speak to contacts, arrange transactions, collaborate with people, and research on important matters such as where could one get 25 or so bazaar tents cheaply. My internet connection is VITAL to me and every minute I wait for my modem to pick up a better signal is a minute wasted.

I remember you crying foul when your competitor gloated in an ad how crappy your service is. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Ask any of your subscribers and they’d be happy to tell you how shitty Globe’s mobile internet service is.

Recently, I encounter a floating ad that appears when I visit certain websites. It covers the entire page and introduces me to a “Tattoo Toolbar”. Oh that’s nice: shitty service and auto-installing a software that I did not authorize. I immediately clicked the Unsubscribe link.

Google Toolbar unsubscribe
Blatant lies!

“You were successfully unsubscribed from the Tattoo Toolbar service. However, once your browser cache has cleared, the Tattoo Toolbar will reappear. We are working to give you the option to also unsubscribe permanently, but in the meantime, simply repeat this process to unsubscribe from the service.”


One, Globe should ask MY permission before it installs additional software in my browser that is NOT necessary for me to connect to the internet.

Two, an unsubscription SHOULD be permanent. Otherwise, one did not really unsubscribe at all.

Three, you do not launch a software if you don’t have an effective means of uninstalling it YET. This stunt is stupid, annoying, and irresponsible.

That’s it, I’m applying a line with your competitor. Don’t worry, Globe, I will still keep my Globe number because it’s what most of my contacts know and I don’t like changing numbers unless I lose my SIM. But you made a great job of making me lose all love I have for your company.

Fire and vitriol,